Keyless Entry

No longer will you need to fumble around in the dark searching for the right key! Just enter your keycode on the stylish code pad with illuminated buttons, and the electric lock will release allowing you entry to the premises.

Unsure of how many keys you have given out? Or maybe you want to restrict the access of a certain person? With the Guardsman Security Keyless Entry it is simply a matter of changing the code.

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems allow you to identify any person attempting to gain access to your home or business, and easily accept or deny them. Guardsman Security offer a wide range of intercom systems, from very simple front door intercoms right through to sophisticated video intercoms. These are suitable for both residential homes and small businesses.

Our video intercom options include black and white, colour or the stylish “hands free” system which allows communication without lifting a handset.

The intercom system has a lock release button which allows you to open the electric gate or release the front door lock using the intercom.

Large & Commercial Intercom Systems

We also have a range of sophisticated intercom systems to suit larger premises. These are suitable for large commercial businesses, multiple unit apartment blocks, and other large complexes. Talk to us about installing custom intercoms to suit your property and security needs.

Protect your office by installing an Access Control System

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