Alarm Systems

Whether it’s your home, shop, warehouse or business – you’ll want to keep it safe from intruders. Our wide range of quality alarm systems are designed to give you both security and peace of mind, all at an affordable price.

At Guardsman Security we strive to source alarm systems that are made in New Zealand. Not only does this support local manufacturers, it also means our alarms are designed to suit New Zealand homes and can withstand our wild weather conditions. Another benefit is that repairs on our alarm systems can often be done locally, saving you time and money.


Domestic & House Alarms

Guardsman Security offer a full range of equipment customised to suit your home’s requirements. Whatever your personal needs are, we can design a house alarm system that will suit your lifestyle and keep your family safe.

Our most popular alarm systems can be operated from a code pad or a keyring sized remote, and often a night alarm switch will be mounted somewhere convenient so that the system can be used at night.

If you need to leave pets inside the house you may require the installation of pet-proof detectors. Talk to us for advice.

For extra convenience the smoke detectors can be connected to and powered by the house alarm, which removes the need to change smoke detector batteries every year.


Our starting house alarm package is $850.00 + GST installed and includes the following:

  • 1 x G2006 Six Zone Control Unit
  • 1 x Code Pad
  • 1 x G711 External Siren
  • 1 x Internal Siren
  • 2 x Passive Infrared Detectors
  • Battery Backup


Extra PIR Detector: $80 including GST.

Night Arming Station & Panic Function: $150 including GST.

Alarm Monitoring: From $32.41 including GST per month.


Commercial & Industrial Alarms

Guardsman Security offer a full range of security equipment customised to suit your commercial & industrial requirements. Our alarm systems can protect your business and your investment.

Whether you’re after a two detector small business alarm, or a multi-site networked system, with numerous zones and interfaced with a door access system, Guardsman Security can offer a competitive and professional solution.

Combine our commercial alarm systems with Guardsman Security alarm monitoring and you’ll have a complete security package for ultimate peace of mind.


Alarm Monitoring

Guardsman Security has a number of alarm monitoring options available to suit the needs of the customer.

Security monitoring starts from $1.00 per day for our ‘Activation Only’ option. This covers burglary activation, separate smoke and panic activation, and sundry signals such as loss of mains power or low battery.

Commercial premises often require more intensive security monitoring than this, such as failure to alarm the system when leaving the premises or the need to know who entered the premises after hours. This is covered by the other security monitoring options.

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